Selected Royal Anniversaries, 2017

March 151917RussiaAbdication of Emperor Nicholas II
April 61917United States declaration of war on German Empire
April 181917GermanyBirth of Princess Friederike of Hanover (later Queen Consort of Greece)
April 211967GreeceColonels' Coup
May 131717Holy Roman EmpireBirth of Empress Maria Theresa
May 261867United KingdomBirth of Mary of Teck
June 81867HungaryAustro-Hungarian Compromise: Coronation of I. Ferenc József
June 111917GreeceDeposition of King Constantine I; Accession of King Alexander
June 191867MexicoRegicide of Emperor Maximilian
July 11867CanadaConfederation
July 171917United KingdomProclamation of the House of Windsor
August 101792FranceStorming of the Tuileries
September 211792FranceProclamation of the Abolition of the Monarchy
November 71917RussiaBolshevik Revolution
November 201992United KingdomWindsor Castle fire
December 131967GreeceKing Constantine II's attempted counter-coup