European Royalty (Kingdoms and Empires), 1883

CountrySovereignBornAccededConsort (Born)Heir (Born)Heir's Consort (Born)Heir's Heir (Born)
United Kingdom Queen Victoria24 May181920 Jun1837Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (1841)Princess Alexandra, Princess of Wales (1844)Prince Albert Victor (1864)
Austria-Hungary Emperor Franz Joseph I 18 Aug 1830 2 Dec 1848Empress Elisabeth (1837)Crown Prince Rudolf (1858)Crown Princess Stephanie (1864)
Netherlands King Willem III19 Feb 1817 17 Mar 1849Queen Emma (1858)Princess Wilhelmina (1880)
PortugalKing Luis I31 Oct183811 Nov1861Queen Maria Pia (1847)Crown Prince Carlos (1863)
Greece King George I 24 Dec 1845 30 Mar 1863Queen Olga (1851)Crown Prince Constantine (1868)
Denmark King Christian IX8 Apr 1818 16 Nov1863Queen Louise (1817)Crown Prince Frederik (1843)Crown Princess Louise (1851)Prince Christian (1870)
Belgium King Leopold II9 Apr 183517 Dec1865Queen Marie Henriette (1836)Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders (1837)Princess Marie, Countess of Flanders (1845)Prince Albert (1870)
Germany Emperor Wilhelm I
(King of Prussia 1861)
22 Mar 179718 Jan1871Empress Augusta (1811)Crown Prince Friedrich (1831)Crown Princess Victoria (1840)Prince Wilhelm (1859)
m Princess Augusta (1858)
Prince Wilhelm (1882)
Sweden & Norway King Oscar II21 Jan182918 Sep1872Queen Sophia (1836)Crown Prince Gustaf (1858)Crown Princess Victoria (1862)Prince Gustaf Adolf (1882)
Spain King Alfonso XII28 Nov 185729 Dec 1874Queen Maria Cristina (1858)Infanta Maria de las Mercedes (1880)
Italy King Umberto I14 Mar18449 Jan 1878Queen Margherita (1851)Crown Prince Victor Emanuel (1869)
Russia Tsar Alexander III10 Mar184513 Mar 1881Empress Maria (1847)Tsarevich Nicholas (1868)
Romania King Carol I 20 Apr183926 Mar1881Queen Elisabeth (1843)Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern (1864)
SerbiaKing Milan I 22 Aug18546 Mar1882Queen Natalia (1859)Crown Prince Alexander (1876)

Christian IX with family gathered in the Garden Hall of Fredensborg Palace in 1883 by Laurits Tuxen

From Left to Right. Seated at left: Albert Edward, Prince of Wales; standing behind him: Prince Albert Victor of Wales and Princess Alexandra, Princess of Wales. Seated in the rear: Princess Ingeborg and Prince Harald of Denmark. Seated on blue sofa in front: Prince Georg and Princess Marie Louise of Hanover. Behind sofa: Princess Thyra, Duchess of Cumberland holding Princess Alexandra of Hanover; Prince Valdemar of Denmark. Seated on sofa: Queen Louise and King Christian IX. Standing in rear near door: Prince Christian of Denmark and Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia. Standing in centre: Empress Maria with Grand Duke Michael and Emperor Alexander III, Grand Duchess Olga crawling on the floor in front of them. Standing behind chair: Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and King George I of Greece. Seated in chair: Crown Princess Louise of Denmark with Princess Thyra. Standing at right: Princess Alexandra and Queen Olga of Greece. Children seated at table: Princess Marie of Greece, Princess Louise of Wales, Grand Duke George of Russia, Princess Maud of Wales, Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia, Princess Louise of Denmark. Standing behind table: Prince Carl of Denmark and Princess Victoria of Wales.

King Christian IX of Denmark (b 1818), m 1842 Princess Louise of Hesse-Cassel (b 1817)
1. Crown Prince Frederik (b 1843), m. 1869 Princess Louise of Sweden (b 1851)
1.1. Prince Christian (b 1870)
1.2. Prince Carl (b 1872)
1.3. Princess Louise (b 1875)
1.4. Princess Ingeborg (b 1878)
1.5. Princess Thyra (b 1880)
2. Princess Alexandra (b 1844), m 1863 Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (b 1841)
2.1. Prince Albert Victor of Wales (b 1864)
2.2. Prince George of Wales (b 1865)
2.3. Princess Louise of Wales (b 1867)
2.4. Princess Victoria of Wales (b 1868)
2.5. Princess Maud of Wales (b 1869)
3. King George I of Greece (b 1845), m 1867 Grand Duchess Olga of Russia (b 1851)
3.1. Crown Prince Constantine of Greece (b 1868)
3.2. Prince George of Greece (b 1869)
3.3. Princess Alexandra of Greece (b 1870)
3.4. Prince Nicholas of Greece (b 1872)
3.5. Princess Marie of Greece (b 1876)
3.6. Prince Andrew of Greece (b 1882)
4. Princess Dagmar (Maria) (b 1847), m 1866 Emperor Alexander III of Russia (b 1845)
4.1. Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia (b 1868)
4.2. Grand Duke George of Russia (b 1871)
4.3. Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia (b 1875)
4.4. Grand Duke Michael of Russia (b 1878)
4.5. Grand Duchess Olga of Russia (b 1882)
5. Princess Thyra (b 1853), m 1878 Crown Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland (b 1845)
5.1. Princess Marie Louise of Hanover (b 1879)
5.2. Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover (b 1880)
5.3. Princess Alexandra of Hanover (b 1882)
6. Prince Waldemar (b 1858)

European Sovereigns