Flags of Fallen Monarchies

1830Kingdom of France
1861Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
(to Italy)
1867Mexican Empire
1889 Empire of Brazil
1893 Kingdom of Hawaii
(to USA 1898)
1910Korean Empire
(to Japan)
1910 Kingdom of Portugal
1912 Chinese Empire
1917 Russian Empire
1918 German Empire
1918 Austro-Hungarian Empire
1918Kingdom of Montenegro
(to Serbia)
1922Ottoman Empire
1945 Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1946 Kingdom of Albania
1946 Kingdom of Italy
1946 Kingdom of Bulgaria
1947 Kingdom of Romania
1953 Kingdom of Egypt
1958 Kingdom of Iraq
1962 Kingdom of Yemen
1969 Kingdom of Libya
1973 Kingdom of Afghanistan
1973Kingdom of Greece
1974 Empire of Ethiopia
1975 Kingdom of Laos
1979 Imperial State of Iran
2008 Kingdom of Nepal

I have not included flags of states that were not fully sovereign, whose status was lower than Kingdom, or whose monarchies lasted for only a few years after independence. In some cases where more than one flag was in official use, I have favoured the more obviously monarchical one.

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