Monarchist Celebrities

Tony Bennett. Expressed support for the British monarchy in the TV series Royalty A-Z.

Sir Ian Botham. "The monarchy stands for everything that makes me proud to be English. I'm a massive royalist. I listen to all these republicans … If it was down to me I'd hang 'em! I honestly would. It's a traitor's game for me." (2007)

Russell Crowe. "I never thought I would say it, but I'm actually a monarchist and I think Elizabeth has done a bloody wonderful job. The family deserve more respect." (2003)
"When you are talking about Queen Elizabeth, I don’t think there is a more gracious world leader.” Princes Charles and Andrew are “intelligent and kind men.” (2010)

Dame Judi Dench. Expressed support for the British monarchy in the TV series Royalty A-Z (2002). Narrator of The Royal Story.

Mel Gibson. "I am a little conservative...I tend to favour the monarchy, or the idea of the monarchy; the idea of sovereignty, because up until now it's done a pretty good job of maintaining people's independence and freedom...I just think you can't throw it away without thinking it over." (1998)

Wayne Gretzky. "Every country is different, and we grew up in this one with the Royal Family as part of our heritage." (2002)

Dame Joan Sutherland. Patron of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy .

Will Young. Said that his ideal date would be "tea with the Queen;" expressed his delight at performing for her Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002.