Services attended in the UK 2023

Religious services attended in England, August 2023

Saturday 12 AugustSt Paul's Cathedral17.00 Evensong
(Choir of Epiphany Seattle)
Responses: Leighton
Collegium Regale, Howells
Thee will I love, Howells
Voluntary: Master Tallis's Testament, Howells
Sunday 13 AugustSt Mary's Bourne Street11.00 High MassMissa Secunda, Hassler
Sicut cervus, Palestrina
O sing joyfully, Batten
Voluntary: Mendelssohn, War March of the Priests
All Saints Margaret Street18.00 Evensong & BenedictionResponses: Plainsong
Collegium Regale, Howells
Ave maris stella, James MacMillan
Tantum Ergo, Elgar
Voluntary: Prelude in C, Bairstow
Monday 14 AugustLincoln Cathedral17.30 Evensong
(Adamas Voces)
Responses: Rose
Dyson in D
Jubilate Deo, Walton
Voluntary: Fugue in D BWV 532, Bach
Tuesday 15 AugustAll Saints Margaret Street18.30 High MassJugendmesse, Haydn
Assumpta est Maria, Palestrina
Voluntary: Fuga sopra il Magnificat BWV 733, Bach
Friday 18 AugustWestminster Abbey17.00 Evensong
(Choir of St Dunstan's, Mayfield)
Responses: Radcliffe
Stanford in G
My soul, there is a country, Parry

St Paul's Cathedral, 12 Aug

St Mary's Bourne Street, 13 Aug

All Saints Margaret Street, 13 Aug

Lincoln Cathedral, 14 Aug

All Saints Margaret Street, 15 Aug

Westminster Abbey, 18 Aug

(All photos by Theodore Harvey, August 2023)